Ale Akinbiyi


I am a Creative, that focuses on filling and decorating empty spaces.

From temporary spaces such as events, weddings, sets, or shootings all the way to permanent spaces, such as houses, apartments or offices.

Not knowing what to do with that bare and empty space can be overwhelming. 

I can help you find the right things for the right places in a style and functionality that matches your everyday life.

For me, design follows function- what a space does is as important as what it looks like. Because your home needs to adapt to you and not the other way around.

I know how to balance color, flow and unity to ensure that all decorative elements work cohesively. I come up with creative ways to reinvent your space using furniture, textiles, lighting, accessories, personal items and any decorative objects.

10 years of curating, creating and decorating interiors taught me how to style spaces that make you feel like you belong.

 I am a true international soul. My style and taste comes from my Italian heritage. My reliable and efficient way of working are lessons from my work experiences in Germany, Spain and Italy. My authenticity and approachability are results from my beloved travels around the world.


Let's turn your house into your home!